KAP Membership and Benefits

Membership and Benefits

Farm Membership

Membership in KAP is available to all Manitoba farmers, be they individuals, corporations, or cooperatives. One membership covers all participants in your farm business and entitles everyone on the farm to the advantages of membership, including access to KAP’s member benefits program.

KAP membership is $210 ($200 + gst) per farm each year. Our membership year runs from December 1st to Novermber 30th. You can send your payment directly to KAP along with the membership form below, and we will notify your buyers not to deduct KAP fees at the point of sale. Paying your membership upfront also ensures you will be immediately eligible for all of the discounts and preferred rates in our member benefits program. For this option, please forward a completed membership form with payment to the KAP office.

For those who don't pay their memberships directly, membership fees are collected through a check-off system at elevators and other purchasers across the province. It amounts to just three-quarters of a percent of the total purchase price of your commodity, and is capped at $210.

Download membership form for one-time payment option (PDF)